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Circular Path - Claxton

Brilliant walk following the Norfolk Trails Circular Route  from the New Inn, Rockland

With a warm welcome from Claxton Church  and  The New Inn, Rockland
I recommend both if you are thirsting after righteousness!

A Pilgrim's Welcome at Phillack

Caitlin Green's research on the Hayle Estuary ( brought me to Phillack church to see the reused 5th century Chi Rho stone built into porch of the, Victorian re-build version of, a Christian place of worship.

Many thanks to Caitlin for sharing her insights so freely! Here's my rather poor pics -

A bit faint, perhaps, but none-the-less a witness to the on-going  Christian mission to Cornwall!

1,5000 years later this pilgrim was mightily impressed with the church's ongoing mission and the Children's Corner

"Not many children come on Sundays," a faithful Church member told me . That may be so, but a proud dad, not a church-goer by any means, spoke enthusiastically about going to  Phillack Church for various school events. 
Most especially, I liked a prayer station that opened a way into the heart of prayer

I expect I will be suggesting it as a model for seaside places in East Anglia.