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Legend of the Rood - Open Letter

Dear Hugh , David and Cast,

WOW!  Yesterday's performance was ..... ? I can't find one word to describe it. Let me just use "BIG!"

OK! Of course, I was going to like it with contributions from Julian of Norwich, William Blake and Sydney Carter. I knew the story, the legend and the songs and many of the ideas - Church as Ark; manna, water in the wilderness, feeding 5000, the last supper and Holy Communion woven and  intertwined with each other across time and culture . What you did was to earth it in the NOW that was yesterday in the midst of the People of Ton. Thank you!
And thanks to to those who arranged the weather! As we sang " and did the countenance divine shine forth upon our clouded hills," the hills were clouded!  It turned dark and  rained at the crucifixion!

I am pondering: At who's hand did I receive food and drink at the last supper? or was that the Feeding of the 5000? And Was that Holy Communion? I think so, well as much so as the Rich T…