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Oh I do like to be beside the seaside 3

Trevaunace Cove is my number one surfing beach. For at least one week in the year this is where you'll find me hanging with the other surf dudes.

Mine is not a shiny fibre-glass board,  I am strictly retro and still use an old, wooden belly-board that I have had since the 60s. 
As a nod to modern developments I now wear a wet-suit!

( Wooden body-boards are making a come back.Check out the World Belly Body Board Championship Facebook Page

Surfing and Spirituality? I like Peter Kreeft on this  find it here

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Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside (2)

I have a favourite walk part of the South West Coastal Path, on the north Cornish coast  from. Trevaunce Cove, St. Agnes to Perranporth .

Much has changed since I first walked the path over 60 years ago. I have changed, but the ever changing sea and the rocky coast seem untouched by time. Toiling up steep hills and making my way down over rocky paths, I make slow progress through a heritage landscape that still bears the scars of a tin mining past.

As I stop to  look back - at the cove and my life - different vistas open and I see things in a different lights and from different perspectives.

Time has not left the landscape, nor me, unchanged. Back in the day,  the Trevellas Valley was a noisy, busy place. Steam from coal fired boilers drove massive, thumping, pumps in engine houses. Water driven stamp mills crushed the ore.  Horses and traction engines and all manner of mining folk competed with each other on the narrow lanes. Now all has fallen silent -  save for the gulls cry, the p…