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John's Garden

Decades ago I made some  clever cogs comment that's in a way has come back to haunt me!

In the middle of the well manicured Vicarage lawn, overnight, a dandelion had the cheek to raise its golden head.

John, the vicar,  spotted it as we came out of morning prayer! I, his curate, spoke up for the interloper! "The beauty! The wonder! God's Providence! " If truth be known it was just a glib comment.

John remembered the exchange I forgot! It took me years  to hear and respond  the Master's command to consider the flowers of the field.

Visiting my old friend I noticed that his garden, for all his fullness of years, is still well tended and well stocked

Taking leave of him I caught sight of a bunch of cyclamen nestled in a rockery by the back gate and thought of the wild cyclamen growing on Nazareth's hills. Something to consider - ehh!?

There's something here about what grows wild in Galilee and is  cultivated in Surrey!