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Immodesty at Wroxham

I went to take pics of St. Mary's Wroxham yesterday for tourist websites. Its part of what I do for Churches Together on the Broads.

I've been in and out of the magnificent doorway at St. Mary's for decades and never stopped to look before! There next to the carvings of foul fiends is this immodest lady showing her parts!   What is called a sheila na gig from the Irish Gallic

What's it all about, then?  Rude ladies represented on church doorways?  I imagine sheila na gigs are not primarily a warning against lust etc.. but more likely to be a reminder that "man born of woman has but a short time to live!" All those born of woman will die!

 Just inside the door  is the original site of the font.
What I think is being communicated is something like:- When you enter the Church and become one of the baptised  you are no longer subject to the powers of evil and death.  You have been born again - given new life!