Monday, April 28, 2014

Sunday Service at Belaugh

 Walked over the meadows to take the 11 a.m. at Belaugh yesterday. The first of the Lady's Mantle were out and marsh marigolds in the dyke.

Wallflowers and Mexican fleablane were in flower in the churchyard wall and meadow saxifrage and bluebells were out around the graves.

We were 6 for Holy Communion. Considerably outnumbered by the angels, archangels and all the company of heaven.

We could usefully have a few more members to share the responsibility of keeping this holy place open, welcoming and prayed in.  Remembering  St. Peter at the close of the eucharistic prayer I also added SS John 23rd and John Paul.

Is it the responsibility of all Anglican churches dedicated to St. Peter to pray for and remember all those who have worn the fisherman's ring?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Holy Week and Good Friday Services - Not Uplifting!?

I think that's what you said.

You've missed the point Sunshine!

The foot washing Carpenter/King can handle all the shitty stuff we wade through!
From power obsessed leaders, set on world domination, not counting the cost to others or the environment;
through to petty unkindness.
He knows first hand the cost of nails.
His crown was not won, nor is it worn, easily!
I think what Origen said is true,
"Christ is on his cross until the very last sinner is saved!"

If we share in his death,
 the hope is we will share in his resurrection

Here's a testimony:

Ok! The graphics are a bit naff ... but the words ......

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Holy Week Walk Poses Questions

 Our happy band of pilgrims (the Churches Together on the Broads walking group)  walked from Walcott to Bromholm Priory.
Thomas Cromwell's Commissioners  went off with the piece of the True Cross that was kept there! Who knows what happened to it? Was it burned? Does it still sit in a Civil Servant's in-tray? But my question is this:

Question 1) If it is not there and once was, does it have a beneficial effect in the same way that Homeopathic medicine is meant to work?

Question 2) Among the ruins of the Priory we ate cold crossed buns and drank red wine. No words were said but there was thanksgiving and remembrance. Was it, do you think, Holy Communion?

Question 3 ) In Walcot Church I came upon a lovely momento mori. "Time flies!"  it seemed to say. Entirely suitable for the season!  But then, unknown to me, I got caught up in the great Norwich Diocese Easter Egg Hunt. Hidden on the back of the Rood Screen an egg. Should one be entertaining thoughts of Easter in Holy Week?

The black sheep were a reminder of my own tendency to go astray. The white lamb-  the Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world.

The primroses reminded me of "the primrose path that leads to the everlasting bonfire." Again highly suitable! But I couldn't escape the evidence of new life everywhere!

Then lunch at the pub - fish and chips - reminded me of breakfast on the beach and a light in the east!!