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Grey Seals, Marsh Harriers and Round Tower

The sun broke through December clouds as we topped the Marram Hills at Horsey. Skeins of wild geese flew high above us  and a Marsh Harrier was hunting the fields below. The beach was covered with Grey Seals - mothers still feeding their yoing, fiesty young bulls trying to take the place of older males (the gestation period in grey seals is 11.5 months so they are at it almost as soon as the pups are weaned!) and the pups laying about, some of them right up in the dunes!
 We'd parked in the National Trust Car Park and walked across the fields to the beach.
Other people park at Horsey Gap. I'm not sure of the difference in distance but the walk behind the dunes from the Horsey Gap park is less muddy.

On the way back you might refresh yourself at Nelson's Head and enjoy the church. If you do see if you can find a prayer book and turn to Psalm 8 : 3 When I consider thy heavens, even the work of thy fingers; * the moon and the stars which thou hast ordained;     4 What is man…

Jamaica - a Norwich-upon-Wensum Dance

I was happily practising jigs in the kitchen, sharing my time between Nutting Girl and Ladies of Pleasure both of them in the tradition of Fieldtown. When I discovered a Norwich-upon-Wensum dance to the tune Jamaica
It has the normal common figures:  FU, 2 Between, Stars and Swing Hey but leaving out the Split Bellybutton Hey.
The chorus is a Split Bellybutton Hey into line, Surge across passing right shoulders and turning to reform the set at 90 degrees. As in Postman's Knock. This is repeated so the set is inverted for the next common figure. The dance ends with a final chorus that reforms the set facing up.