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In Search of St. Withburga

I wanted to honour a founding mother of the faith but even before I started I feared I was on a fool’s errand. The old books tell how the monks of Ely Abbey came to Dereham and stole St. Withburga’s body! So what relics could I hope to find? She, a royal princess, is said to have founded a religious community in Dereham in 654AD. The town sign depicts her with deer - two does - whose milk, it is said, sustained her community in its early days. One can’t imagine many deer in Dere- ham today! So instead of going straight to her holy well, I turned left in front of the church, into St. Withburga’s Lane and headed for what looked as if it might be country. On the right I found Rolling Pin Lane. Crossing into an open space, I followed a path downhill and turned right along a little brook. At a T-junction I went right again and approached the church from the valley. For the first time I thought that I might catch the sight of a deer as the path passed through some Alder Carr.I was surprisin…

Pilgrim Path

Fursey Pilgrimage?Saturday 6th October 2007·

We join the Fursey Pilgrims for their annual pilgrimageto Burgh Castle.We meet outside Great Yarmouth Station at 10.07 a.m. and will leave on foot from there to Burgh Castle as soon as the Norwich train arrives. The train departs Norwich at 9.36 a.m..Those arriving by car might like to know that on past occasions we have parked in the, adjacent, Asda Car Park!It is 4.5 miles to Burgh Castle along the southern shore ofBreydon WaterWe arrive at Burgh Castle at about 12 noon.Lunch is available at the Church Farm pub. They do a great carvery! Please let Maureen from The Fursey Pilgrims know if you are coming so she can reserve places. Contact her on :01493-781747Church Service, preacher Bishop Graham, at 2.30 p.m.Followed by a walk to and prayers at the site of St. Fursey’s monastery within the walls of Burgh Castle. Then refreshments at the village hallWe will either beg lifts or catch theNo.7 busback to Yarmouth. It departs the Cherry Tree pu…