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A Sacred Grove in the Mountains

Come to the shrine “Walk towards splendour Your God walks with you”
Prepare your heart and leave with trust and joy, Alone, or with your brothers, but Come.
Walk in the footsteps of your ancestors
Whoever you may be, In God’s house there is a place for you, You have brothers to meet, Saints to follow, Mary to listen to And the mysteries of the Church to live.
If you thirst for joy, peace and justice, If you thirst for love and forgiveness, Come and drink the Living water From the fountain of salvation,
You who are young and full of enthusiasm You who are ill and wretchedly suffering, You who are feeling marginalised, As well as you who are blessed With a pleasant family life, Come and be illuminated by the light of the Gospel.
Go And come back reconciled   Comforted, Renewed.
Proclaim the Good News to your brothers: God loves us And awaits us.
“Walk towards splendour:
Your God walks with you.”

In Roman times there was a sacred grove - Lucus. The Arabs Al-Luc, then after the reconqu…