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Hail Mary of Raymond Llull

Hail Mary!

Your servant salutes you on behalf of the angels,
And the patriarchs, of the prophets and the martyrs,
Of the confessors and the virgins.
I greet you on behalf of all the saints of heaven.  Hail Mary!

Your greetings from the Christians,
The faithful and the sinners.
From the faithful
because you are worthy of their praise
And because you are the hope for our salvation;
The sinners salute you and beg for your forgiveness.

Hail Mary!  I bring you greetings from Muslims and Jews,
From Greeks, Mongols and Tartars.
I am the channel through which they,
And many other unbelievers, greet you.
I salute you for them
So that your Son will remember them.

Hail Mary!

For you are worthy to be known,
Loved, served and honoured by all the peoples
And all the nations on Earth.
They all salute you
And beg for your glory and forgiveness. Translation from the Sanctuari de Lluch