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Summer Days in Lower Saxony

There are charming villages, old towns, summer beer kellers under shade giving trees.
Its everso clean and affluent. But there in the midst - you could overlook it if you chose - a reminder of darkness.

They have done a brilliant job documenting 10,000 of the hundreds of thousands who died in the camp. The displays of pictures, videos etc. are wonderfully well done but it was the contrast of the amazing facilities loos with running water as much as you want and a cafe with cool drinks compared with the sheer bloody harshness of the prisoners lives that made the biggest impression.
I was challenged by the Jewish memorial:
we must not let the earth forget the blood shed.
As I contemplated the Jews, Jehovas Witnesses, Gay Men and others treated inhumanely it semed not to be my role to forgive. Victims, their family and loved ones, God even, yes they might forgive. "Judgement is mine!" saith the Lord. Yes and forgiveness too! And I reckoned that one of the problems that the Chu…