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Pilgrimage or Morris Tour?

Pilgrimage of Morris Tour ?  A good question! In the end, I thought the best answer was,"Yes !" And, when I began to treat it like a pilgrimage something changed.
Travelling down to Kent from Norfolk, we speculated about Thomas a Becket true martyr or something else? Silly fool, he bit the hand that fed him! That is the King's hand! What did he expect! Unlike Oscar Romero of El Salvador, gunned down in his own cathedral church for supporting the poor, Becket was trying to extend the rights of the Church. Not quite the same thing. And, of course, extending the rights of the Church was to the Pope's advantage. So, of course, he made Thomas a saint! 
Who gained from Becket's martyrdom ?  Who still gains?

It has even been suggested, on the basis of heraldry, that Canterbury Cathedral are offing pay day loans to cover the entrance fee!

Later, dancing at the White Horse at Chilham, we were able to contrast and compare the welcome pilgrims receive at Canterbury and Chil…