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A MichaelMass Meditation in Summer

An advert for the  annual Norfolk Churches Trust bike ride reminded me what a joy church crawling by bike can be.  Swapping feet for wheels I set out under a summer sky.
East of  Beeston, St. Laurence  I found myself meandering down  quiet lanes towards St. Michael and All  Angels,Barton Turf. When I got there I found an open door, a warm welcome to visitors (make yourself a cup of coffee) and a vibrant stillness.
Its 15th century rood screen has St. Michael and the nine orders of angels. Wandering in the churchyard before taking my leave I saw that the local church has a care for other feathered friends too! There’s an owl box high in an old oak tree!
My next church destination would be  St. Michael, Irstead.  But on the way , I popped into the White Horse at Neatistead for refreshments and explored the edge of Barton Broad.
At Heron’s Carr  there’s boardwalk that gives wheelchair access through the woody marsh and on to a lookout point overlooking the broad. Norfolk Wildlife Trust ar…