Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pentecost at Horsey - 2

History does not record who founded the church. Perhaps it was some hermit seeking to find God in a green wilderness. A desert monk translated into Norfolk's green and pleasant land. But someone founded a church here - on the Isle (Eye) of Horses a long time ago. By my reading. parts of the flint built church are 11th century or older!

Seventeen of us gathered to share the Lord's Supper there on Sunday. I noticed that as we celebrated the Feast of Pentecost, the communion cup had the date 1666 written on it. Was that not the date of the Great Fire of London? A cleansing fire, it turned out to be after the contagion of the Plague.
Hmnn......... Pentecost... tongues of flame!

In the silence after the consecration I could hear the call of Common Cranes from Horsey Mere. When,  I wonder did last an English priest hear the call of a crane while stood at the altar? The newly fledged birds were beginning to feel the wind beneath their wings? Hmnnnnn ... wind and fire!

On my way, I couldn't help but notice the Horsey Wind Pump is still being restored. At present it has no sails. Well there's a thing, a sermon illustration perhaps. The Wind of the Spirit but if the church has no sails it will leave it unmoved. Hmmnnnnnn.....!

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