From Utmost West

We joined the coastal footpath just a mile south of Landsend.
What a place to have a picnic!

How we missed the packaged experience and the retail opportunity!!

Eventually, past amorous seals and flights of gannets fishing close in shore, we came to the  Church of St. Levan.

He famously preached to the fishes. 
What, I wondered, might I say?
Surely I would quote from St. Paul, In him we live move and have our being."  "God is the sea, then ?" I hear them asking and reply, "Yes! Yes and no! More than the sea! More like the sea, behind the sea!"
But I said to much and thought too little!

By the side of the church is a legendary stone
The saint, so it is said struck it with his staff and split it! Others say,  it was a famous pagan stone known as a place of  fertility and that the round-headed celtic cross erected beside it was to Christianize it! To me the juxtaposition of stone and cross look like a British version of a Yoni and Lignam

Since I last paid my respects to St. Levan the Lady Chapel has been designated the Walkers Chapel.
Hospitality was provided by way of bottled water and cereal bars.
I was invited to pray and a simple prayer card gave me directions.

I was overwhelmed  by the words,

God's House, they wrote , is a place of peace, not just an absence of noise and bustle, but a place of spiritual re-fueling and refreshment. Take God's peace with you as you leave St. Levan. Spread God's peace where ever you travel when leaving this place. Use God's peace to help your life reflect his love for you and all creation.

Thank you people of St. Levan for an open door and warm hospitality.

I still wonder what I might say when preaching the Gospel to a fish!


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