Come apart and rest awile

Traffic! It felt I’d been tailgated every mile of the way - aggressive drivers in my rear view mirror and almost in my boot, pushing me to go faster! Finally, at journeys end I parked by Moreston Creek and let the tension drain out of me.  It is a sort of lands end!  The North Pole is 2222 miles away and , apart from Blakeney Point, there’s nothing in between but sea and ice!

I thought I’d join holiday makers as they went out to see the seals but when I’d arrived early the ferry still sat firmly on the bottom.  Round about it long billed waders delved the rich mud and  a Little Egret stalked its prey in the shallows pools.  The liquid trill of a Curlew’s call carried on the and on high Larks sang their hearts out!

Soon a  trickle,  had turned into a stream of water pushing into the creek , lifting the grounded vessels and turning their bows to the flood. With that the ferrymen quickly got their passengers aboard and we were manoeuvring between the muddy banks and an honour guard of Oyster Catchers, on our way to the outer harbour and the sand banks.

Beyond the Point ferry boats dodged one another as they cruised up and down. Curious holiday makers looked at the seals and curious seals looked at holiday makers! When all the oohs and ahhs were done and all the photos had been taken, the boats headed back into the harbour and we were given  the chance to land on the Point.

Looking back to where my car was parked, I felt that I had gained some perspective on our hectic 21st century life style.  Calm and breathing easily I felt more in harmony with the rhythms of nature. “ I have calmed and quieted my soul like a weaned child upon its mother’s breast” (Psalm 131.2)

Jesus had urged his friends, “ Come apart and rest awile.”  Then they had got into a boat and gone over to the other side!   As a former vicar of Beeston Regis used to say, “Holidays can be holy days!”   Hmnn…..

I went out to Blakeney Point with Beans  Boats. If you feel you need longer away from it all the walk back to Cley Beach Car Park is 3 miles a further 3 miles gets one back to Moreston.


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