Via Beata (2)

Imagine a string of beads – precious gems - stretched out across the heart of England and Wales, from Lowestoft Ness in the east to St. David’s in the west. Each bead representing an artwork communicating the Christian Gospel, set up in a place where people can stop and ponder.  The string that joins these way stations  is a pilgrim path – part of which I had walked - by which seeker and pilgrim  can travel either the whole length ,or over shorter sections. They call it the Via Beata. (Way of Blessing)

The first artwork has already been set up in a summerhouse/shelter by the front gate of  Steve and Gill’s garden. It is a carved triptych telling the story of the Return of the Prodigal Son.  You are invited to visit. The address is: Rowancroft, Kenninghall Road, Banningham. NR16 2HE .

During the summer a small organising group has begun to pioneer some of the paths, talk with people about suitable artworks and places to display them and given some attention to publicity. If you think you might like to be involved do contact them  Their phone number is 01953-887579 or on their website at:

Over a  simple shared meal, around their farmhouse kitchen table,  we met, chatted and prayed.  When I took to the road again it felt as if Banham was a lot like Emmaus (Luke 24.13 ff) .

I had been greatly blessed on the Via Beata! You may be too!


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