Pilgrim Path 2008

Accompanied Walks in 2008

  • On pilgrimage we are brothers and sisters of Christ sharing the path and one another’s company.
  • Mindful of our own and our companions’ need for silence or talk—we share both
  • We try to be aware of the presence of the risen Lord who promises to be with us ‘til the end of time
  • He is the way who’s gracious call we follow.
  • Little journeys are sacramental of the bigger journey
  • We make space to consider the birds of the air and flowers of the field and
  • Expect to be refreshed

You are invited to join us on the following days:-

1st July at 6.30 p.m. meet on the southern end of the seafront at Walcott Gap. Map Ref:- 35915,32955. An gentle walk along the seashore turning in land and returning via Broomholm Priory for a fish supper on the shore

16th August at 1130 a.m. meeting at 40 Anchor Street, Coltishall we proceed by land or river to St. Peter, Belaugh and return for a barbecue and shared lunch. (Please let us know a few days in advance if you intend coming to this one!)

4th October Annual St. Fursey Pilgrimage

From Great Yarmouth Station to Burgh Castle for lunch and service

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