Martham Part 2

Return to your car the same way you came but if you want a longer walk continue westward on the same path. At Martham Staithe turn left towards the town and head towards the church. It’s a Gateway Church of the Open Churches Project.You will find an open door and welcome for pilgrims and tourists alike.

St. Blide, the mother of St. Walstan , princess of the royal house of East Anglia is buried here! Walstan chose to live a life of prayer as a humble farm labourer. One imagines it was his mother who introduced him to the faith!

St. Blide’s Chapel in the south aisle is a sensitively re-ordered modern prayer space overlooked by some high quality 15th century Norwich glass. Time and eternity interweave as you pray before resuming your pilgrimage, Here the Communion of Saints can feel very real. Princess, holy working man, glassmakers, the church at Martham (past and present) and you all following the Carpenter King!

Leave town on the West Somerton road, just before the Martham town sign turn left. A track leads down to a T-junction and a metalled road, turn left, then just past Rectory Cottage right . The footpath will bring you back to Staithe Road, West Somerton. A round trip of 5 miles.

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