Bridgham World Peace Centre

On the edge of the village of Bridgham, where the river Thet winds its way to Fenland Drains, past Lynn and on to the sea and oceans beyond, there is a certain bend. On the bank opposite half mature trees reach for the skies and to get there you walk through a grove of newly planted oaks. At this point the river arrives from the south-east, on the left, and then turns sharply to the south-west, on the right. Here, facing south, so the sun rises on the left and sets on the right, open to the wind, but shaded from the noon heat and protected from the rain that feeds the living river, is a shelter. It looks as if it might have grown out of the dark earth. A bandstand ? A pagoda? A pavilion?

It’s called “The Bridgham World Peace Centre”! To which you are invited to come and sit for a while. To: reflect! meditate! ccntemplate! pray! All in the context of the great cycles of the natural world. It is all very Psalm 104!

In my experience the effect of just being there is immediate. Tension lets itself go, rushing out like a great sigh! In its place there is calm elemental energy that flows around, in which one can rest and breathe. Come on your own, or with a close friend or friends, even a coach- full!

This place is the creation of sculptor and film-maker William Fairbank. The centre is part of the Small Pilgrim Places Network and is open to seekers and people of all faiths who will guard and value its quiet and sanctity and pray for the Peace of the World. The Peace of the World, in this sense meaning not only the harmony, healing and wholing of the world’s peoples but of all the creation, in a world where global warming, over consumption and pollution threaten its very existence

William asks that people contact him before visiting, just so he knows who is coming! An e-mail, or a phone call will do.

The Bridgham World Peace Centre can be found at:-


76 The Street,

NR16 2ABTel: 44(0)1953718114
Fax: 44(0)1953 718611

© 2006 Richard Woodham


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