Outdoor Spirituality?

Outdoor Spitituality?  What's that?
I was fed up with everything churchy!

If Christianity is following Jesus Christ, then it wasn't about following him into musty old buildings, well not in the beginning anyway!

can be really greedy - chewing up people, using vast amounts of resource (£ and human). Sometimes you can find wonderful church structures - buildings and organisation - with little or no Christianity left in them!

Judgemental? No just an observation! You can measure the Christianity of individuals and organisations by their Christlikeness. How do they love? How do they relate to truth? Where does justice and righteousness figure in their lives?  How do they relate to the Creation/the Creator? How humble are they? etc..

None of us - saints included - reach up to the stature of Jesus. We are works in process. So if you think I'm rubbish, you should have seen me before I decided to follow Jesus! I was an absolute nightmare then! Not only to others but to myself in particular!

Jesus's own spirituality seems to have been mainly of an outdoor nature. He walked by the seaside. He gets into a boat and goes over to the other side. He walks the hills, beneath the stars, and prays the night away. Takes his close friends  up the Mount of Transfiguation and into the Garden of Gethsemane to pray.

It was in a garden the resurrection was first realized! The Risen Christ is encountered on the Emmaus Road!
Its when I walk by the seaside, or beneath the night sky, or alone on the hills, or when I'm on the road, I find Christ comes close to me and I catch glimpses!